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Drivers insurance in a new data center

Asseco has successfully deployed a backup data processing center for the Insurance Guarantee Fund (IGF). The project included the supply of network equipment, implementation of security solutions as well as launching a server room for the institution that provides insurance companies with up to 1.5 million different pieces of information on a daily basis.

The project’s net value exceeded PLN 5 million. This investment provides the IGF with highly reliable access and security of processed information. At the beginning of 2015, the database used at the IGF Information Center contained the details of 265 million vehicle insurance policies and the number is still growing.

“Each year the database of the IGF Information Center is supplemented with information on about 26 million renewed or newly contracted insurance policies as well as on nearly 1.5 million traffic incidents,” said Marek Polański, Commercial Director, Asseco Poland S.A. “Therefore, it was essential for the client to select a highly competent and experienced contractor that would be able to deliver a technologically advanced solution to meet the highest security standards,” he added.

Software systems used by the IGF are required, among others, for the calculation of insurance premiums as well as for on-line verification of vehicle insurance coverage held by the perpetrator of a road traffic accident. As a result, this 8-month-long project needed to be implemented in fully operational IT environment.

“All activities that required a temporary shutdown of systems were carried out under great time pressure, and exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays,” said Maciej Tur, Project Manager, Asseco Poland S.A. “Within just 7 weekends we successfully migrated all services, conducted tests, relocated computer hardware, switched software environments and replaced some elements of IT infrastructure. We have also prepared 10 work schedules the execution of which was monitored with an accuracy of fifteen minutes,” he added.

Within the project, primary data processing was carried out in a rented data center, while the necessary equipment was moved to the new location. Furthermore, the client has been provided with a technologically advanced network infrastructure, including security, server and storage devices. The IGF Information Center has been also connected with additional network links to the data center. The role of a backup data center has been taken over by the former primary center.

Asseco performed a dual role in this project, acting both as a provider of the network and security  infrastructure and a coordinator of the work of other suppliers. The company will be also responsible for maintenance of the delivered network and security infrastructure over the next five years.

“The key to a smooth and timely implementation of the project was our methodical approach and continuous monitoring and management of risk,” said Maciej Tur. “Another essential factor was a strong commitment on the IGF part and successful collaboration between our teams,” he added.

Information collected by the IGF is utilized by insurance companies as well as by people injured in road collisions and accidents, including those from the European Union. The IGF Information Center gathers information also on insurance company representatives (being IGF members), similarly as in the case of its equivalent institutions in the EU countries. This allows the insured to claim compensation in their own country, regardless of where the accident took place “Information Center of the Insurance Guarantee Fund gathers data about vehicle insurance policies, road traffic collisions and accidents, as well as about paid out compensations,” said Robert Stachura, Vice Director, IGF Information Center. “Having access to such information, insurance companies are able to optimize their business processes,” he added.

Asseco is a proven and reliable IT technology partner of the Insurance Guarantee Fund. The company has constructed the Information Center and provides the related maintenance and development services. It also supports the IGF’s ERP system and its integration with three major domain systems used by this institution for gathering of information on vehicle insurance policies and traffic damages, detecting any unpaid third-party liability insurance premiums (including enforcement of penalties), as well as for the liquidation of damages caused by perpetrators without a valid vehicle insurance coverage (recourse cases).