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Public institutions

Central and Local Administration

In the central public administration, we specialize in the creation and delivery of solutions that cannot be done by standard means and tools, without a great deal of creative work. Our largest domain is the ability to design and implement systems to handle large volumes of data with sophisticated transactional logic. The largest projects carried out in thes area include solutions for the Ministry of Interior, Agriculture, Transport and Finance. We also cooperate with the Supreme Audit Office, Central Statistical Offices and many other agencies and ministries.

For local administration we proved solutions based on our own software, which is characterized by a high level of customization and focused on the key processes that are highly specific for local administration. One of our advantages is that we can appropriately complement the above-mentioned systems for example with solutions for geographical and spatial data or systems for metropolitan networks. Our main customers are regions, cities, large municipalities and organizations established (owned) by the state.

A wide range of solutions offered by the Asseco International makes it possible to complement appropriately the above-mentioned solutions with other products and services.