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Asseco International is continuing to build on its extensive experience and rich history a leading position in delivering comprehensive IT solutions for all type of healthcare institutions. Our client list includes hundreds of the largest hospitals and the majority of treatment centers in CEE region. Asseco enjoys professional expertise in development, implementation and deployment of state of the art IT systems for health insurance companies, sophisticated systems for hospitals and complete IT solutions for outpatient clinics.

Our expert team of professionals knows intimately the needs of the medical sector and is ready to deliver all kind of software solutions to meet the clients` expectations. I tis also worth to mention, that cruical part of our expertise comes from Israel, global innovation center, which is unquestionable pioneer in health information technology. Intelligent and comprehensive systems created by our daughter company are adapted especially to the unique requirements of the health sector and offers the most advanced applications for the management of all administrative, logistic, and financial operations in the largest medical centers.