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Technology for business, solutions for people we present 17 innovative projects of Asseco Group

The role of computer science has never been more important than it is now. The year 2020 has redefined the impact of digitisation of individual sectors on the economy - not only in terms of process automation, but also in terms of security. It has been technology that has proved to be a tool that has enabled millions of people around the world to adapt to new conditions and to function in a new reality. For 30 years, we have been present wherever technology and business connect with everyday life. By creating the technologies of the future, we implement projects that ensure the success of companies from all sectors of the economy. They are a source of inspiration that has contributed to the creation of the latest edition of the Asseco Case Study Book.

At Asseco, we meet the needs of tomorrow; therefore, we focus on creating innovative and advanced solutions that will enable our clients to maintain business continuity in times of such great change. We listen to market needs and act flexibly. We constantly invest in R&D, develop our products and think outside the box, as this is the only way to implement innovative projects on an international scale – said Artur Wiza, Vice President of Asseco Poland

In Asseco Case Study Book you will find innovative projects that have been carried out in cooperation with our clients in various parts of the world. We hope that this edition will also be an impulse for many organizations not only to carry out innovative projects, but will show you how much business benefits from the world of new technologies.

You can download Asseco Case Study Book.