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Development of Asseco Innovation Hub in Rzeszów underway

Artificial intelligence, telemedicine, electromobility, Internet of Things and control systems for drones are just some of the areas that will be developed in Asseco Innovation Hub. It is an innovative R&D centre of the Asseco Group, which will be built in Rzeszów. The centre will develop advanced technologies and IT products for key sectors of the economy, both in terms of Polish and foreign markets. Thanks to the investment, approx. 400 new jobs will be created. The total value of the project is over PLN 80 million.

Asseco Innovation Hub will be the venue for advanced research and development. Their goal will be to develop proprietary IT technologies and products for the energy, telecommunication, media, health care, banking, agriculture, business and public administration sectors, among others. In addition, the center will develop IT security projects.


The research will focus on the most important trends in new technologies such as the Internet of Things, telemedicine, electromobility and smart power grids. Asseco Innovation Hub will also offer artificial intelligence solutions, including self-training systems based on the so-called machine learning. Thanks to advanced analysis of data collected in real time from various sources, the system will identify what users do and how to protect them from danger. Asseco is also planning to develop projects related to drone control systems. A team of the best specialists in the country, with extensive experience in software development, will be involved in their construction. In addition, Asseco Innovation Hub will continue to develop solutions for Big Data and CloudComputing.


Asseco Innovation Hub will be a modern R&D centre, which will enable us, a Polish company, to compete even more effectively in foreign markets. Thanks to the investment, approx. 400 new jobs will be created, and its implementation will translate into an increase in innovativeness of the whole region, said Adam Góral, President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.

The solutions that will be researched at the Asseco Group's new centre in Rzeszów confirm that Poland is actively participating in the fourth industrial revolution. In turn, the ecosystem created by our government for the development of innovation, which includes, among other things, financial support instruments and solutions facilitating cooperation between science and business, allows for synergy between the scientific and technical background. This is extremely important from the point of view of the whole economy, said Deputy Minister of Development Adam Hamryszczak.

Podkarpacie is a region open to development. Here, we invest in modern technologies which determine the success and future of the Polish economy. We especially value companies that create research and prototype centers as well as laboratories. Such measures may result in creating permanent jobs, and this is very important for our economy. Asseco Poland has been constantly improving the quality of its services and investing in their development. Last year alone, it spent over PLN 130 million on research and development. This puts Asseco at the forefront of Polish companies in this field. It is great  that the company's leadership decided to make another important investment and planned to locate it in the Podkarpacie region. Thanks to such projects our region is becoming even more innovative, said Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpacie Voivodeship.


The Asseco Innovation Hub building will be merged with the existing head office of the Company at Olchowa Street in Rzeszów. It will have over 9,000 m2 of total area, 5 above-ground floors and one technical floor. On the ground floor level, in addition to office space for R&D activities, a representative part will be located with a hall and conference rooms. On the next floors there will be a complex of office spaces along with conference rooms, social rooms and the so-called creative rooms. On the last floor there will be a technical terrace and technical rooms.


Under the Intelligent Development Operating Program for 2014-2020 Asseco has received more than PLN 26 million of funding from the Ministry of Development for the project implementation. The total value of the investment, which is planned to be completed in Q2 2020, is PLN 80,359,662.57.