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TAURON Group Awarded for the AUMS Billing System and IT Strategy

TAURON Polska Energia has been awarded in two categories of the 10th edition of the Most Interesting of the Best ranking, for the implementation of the AUMS Billing solution with the help of Asseco and for its IT strategy.

TAURON Polska Energia has been awarded in two categories of the 10th edition of the Most Interesting of the Best ranking, for the implementation of the AUMS Billing solution with the help of Asseco and for its IT strategy. This is the first successfully completed centralization of a billing system carried out on such a large scale in the Polish power industry.


The editors of Nowy Przemysł (New Industry) monthly and portal awarded honourable titles to the most computerized companies. The attractiveness of IT deployments was evaluated by the project scale, innovation, and business benefits. TAURON Customer Service received the title of the Most Interesting of the Best for the centralization of their business customers. This project was carried out using software delivered by Asseco, which was also involved as the implementation partner.


The newly deployed AUMS Billing system enables TAURON Customer Service to standardize and optimize their business customer service processes, as well as to issue invoices based on actual power consumption readings, eliminating the need for corrective invoicing. Thanks to this implementation, the month closing time has been reduced from 3 days to just 3 hours. The AUMS Billing system is also a very useful tool for TAURON Sales where it supports ongoing analysis of data, a function that is particularly important in the market of business customers which is much more competitive than in the case of individual customers. Not only does the system upgrade the quality of customer service, but it allows for faster introduction of new products into the market.


“Asseco Utility Management Solutions form a family of IT solutions for the energy sector which are more and more used by utility companies operating in Poland and, I must proudly admit, they have already become almost a standard in the Polish power industry. A fully comprehensive solution and professional implementation support – this is our recipe for success,” says Paweł Piwowar, Vice President at Asseco Poland.


In April 2012, Asseco performed migration of a database containing information on 1.15 million customers to the AUMS Billing system for GZE, a former company of Vattenfall in Gliwice, which is now part of TAURON Group. The process covered 1TB of data and 8 software systems that were used to support the company’s operating activities defined in 1400 business processes. This centralization model has been applied to all business customers of TAURON Group. Once the project is completed, the centralized database containing nearly 5.5 million electricity customers will be the largest one in the Polish power industry.


TAURON Polska Energia has been also distinguished in the category of “IT Strategies”. The jury appreciated the company’s ability to implement multiple complex projects simultaneously. They also highlighted the advantages of using the experience and good business practices of the taken-over Polish branch of Vattenfall. The centralization of customers carried out by Asseco is the most secure and cost-effective approach, which is now applied to all business customers of TAURON.


Asseco Poland has implemented numerous projects for the energy industry for over a dozen years. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in information technology. Engineers of Asseco Poland designed and implemented innovative IT systems for most of the energy companies in Poland. We always work with our clients on a partnership basis. We provide assistance in creating new solutions, right from the inception of a new idea up to its realization. We are a reliable partner not only in designing IT solutions, but also offer know-how and experience in planning organizational changes, as well as development of new processes and operating methods for our clients. Asseco Poland uses the internationally recognized models to improve efficiency of enterprises. These have been adapted to the specific IT market needs and modified based on our experience gained during the implementation of complex projects for corporate clients.


60% of all electricity bills in Poland are generated from billing systems developed by Asseco. The newest one – AUMS Billing 3.1 – has been tested at IBM Client Center in Singapore. Its performance and reliability have been confirmed in a testing environment of several thousand simultaneous users, who conducted operations on databases containing between a million and several million active contracts with electricity customers. The gained knowledge will help energy companies optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) incurred for purchases or upgrades of their hardware infrastructure.