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Asseco has implemented advanced, one-time electronic signature in Santander Consumer Bank

The conclusion of credit agreements at Santander Consumer Bank has been accelerated by 30% thanks to a one-time electronic signature. Asseco is responsible for implementing trust services and providing full support, which includes technological, legal and organizational aspects. This has increased the speed, efficiency and convenience of employees of business partners, as well as the quality of services and customer service time.  


Customer-friendly bank

The dynamic development of Santander Consumer Bank – a credit-focused Bank, a constantly growing sales network, the desire to meet the needs of employees and customers, as well as to shift away from the time-consuming “paper” circulation of documents were the reasons why the decision to introduce modern trust services was made. The aim of the project was to create a process of signing a consumer credit agreement in accordance with the “paperless” idea, the EU eIDAS regulations and the highest standards of user experience.

We are a financial institution in Poland, which in 2020 can use the title of the ‘Customer Friendly Bank’, awarded in the process of independent certification conducted by the research company Experience Institute. 97% of our clients are of the opinion that as a bank we have simple procedures that make it easy to apply for a loan. The implementation of the electronic process of concluding credit agreements has further strengthened the perception of us as a bank open to the needs of customers. The digitization of product sales has allowed not only to reduce costs related to paper circulation, but also significantly improved our internal processes – said Ewa Muciek, Deputy Director of Technology and Operations Division, Santander Consumer Bank.

Digitization in practice

The system designed and implemented by Asseco together with the bank, thanks to the digitization of credit documentation confirmation, has shortened the time of customer service, enabling remote conclusion of agreements and their acceptance by means of advanced one-time signatures with authorized SMS codes. The project also included a qualified electronic seal and qualified validation service. The introduction of paperless processes allowed to relieve the backoffice and reduce the space occupied by paper agreements.

The implementation of the electronic sales process has  shortened the time of concluding a credit agreement by 30%*. It has also contributed to the improvement of the quality of work of advisors in the bank’s partner network, of which about 80%* pointed to the ease of handling the new process, and 40%* appreciated the possibility of concluding a credit agreement without using a single sheet of paper.

The project for Santander Consumer Bank is distinguished by the scale and scope of the application of digital credit agreement conclusion and the resulting benefits. By implementing the Asseco’s products and services, the bank has gained a modern, convenient and appreciated tool that facilitates the work of its partners and enables them to sell the bank’s products faster and more efficiently – said Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems.

*Voice of Customer research carried out with the use of CATI technology, conducted by Santander Consumer Bank with Commercial Partners in the period 15-08-2020 – 15-09-2020. The research was conducted on a sample of 345 sellers who have the possibility to use a digital signature.