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Asseco launches e-Services suite in Voivodship Hospital in Płock

Asseco has completed the implementation of a uniform Hospital Information System in the Voivodship Hospital in Płock. The project has included the expansion of the software already operating in the facility with additional functionalities. This will provide patients and medical personnel with access to a package of e-Services. On September 26, 2019, a press conference on this issue was held with the participation of Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Adam Struzik. The Company was represented by Jan Butkiewicz, Deputy Director of the Healthcare Division, Asseco Poland.

The development of the hospital IT system will bring benefits to patients, medical personnel and contractors cooperating with the facility and managing the unit.

The beneficiaries will gain access to e-Registration, which will significantly save their time and improve the work of the hospital. The patients will have access to their own account, as well as to catalogued, up-to-date and confirmed information about the scope of medical services. They will also be able to book appointments on their own.

In turn, thanks to the launch of the Medical Information Portal, the medical personnel will gain access to applications such as e-Documentation, e-Interview or e-Consent, which will significantly improve the effectiveness of the hospital employees' operational activities.

The implementation of the e-Contractor module will improve, among others, the handling of medical examination referrals in other units, the management of bookings and will guarantee online access to the results of the examination. Moreover, the Laboratory Information System is currently integrated with other e-Services and will support external contractors in the scope of archiving, verifying and distributing results.

The project, which we have implemented in the Voivodship Hospital Complex in Płock, will allow us to transfer many processes, including registration, medical interview, referrals for examination and medical documentation handling, to the electronic sphere, which will significantly shorten the time of their implementation. In my opinion, the long-term result will be the strengthening of the hospital's potential and its competitiveness in relation to other institutions, as well as the improvement of the quality and availability of medical services, said Jan Butkiewicz, Deputy Director of the Healthcare Division, Asseco Poland.

The implementation was carried out under two projects: "E-health for Mazowsze" and "Development of IT systems in the Voivodship Hospital Complex in Płock E-health 2.0".