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Asseco will develop the world's first system using self-learning IoT data-processing mechanisms

Asseco will begin works on the Avagat - Asseco Context Awareness Platform system. The company has received a grant reaching over PLN 5.5 million from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR), under the Intelligent Development Operational Program for the years 2014-2020.

The project involves developing the world's first prototype system which will use advanced self-learning mechanisms to process information. It aims at creating algorithms and an Operational Intelligence environment for delivering multi-channel, personalized customer interaction. This means that the solution will meet the expectations of the users by understanding their individual needs and the reason for their use of the system. It will gradually gather information about users from such sources as: websites, mobile devices, social media and the Internet of Things. Thanks to machine learning mechanisms, the system will "understand" the context of the captured data and carry out the right action without human intervention.

In practice, convergence services providers, primarily telecom providers, will receive a tool which will give them the access to a complete picture of their customer's situation. The information will be automatically generated by the system. The providers will be able to use it to create new products and services with an unprecedented level of personalization and ability to respond to current, individual needs of end users. In addition, companies will be able to conduct multi-channel customer interaction through their employees, devices (eg. cell phones or smartwatches) and intelligent bot agents.

According to research conducted by Gartner: Context Awareness, the Operational Intelligence and the Internet of Things are one of the most important trends in modern IT. In turn, CRM systems are one of the areas with the highest degree of absorption of these technologies.

The project we are about to start is not just about meeting the needs of our users, but primarily about creating a solution that will change the way of the interaction between customers and the system and between organizations and customers, said Szymon Marzec, Director of Design Division in Asseco Poland. The solution's capabilities will therefore make it possible to create new business needs and new markets, he added.

The Avagat research and development project has been developed by Asseco's Telecommunications and Media Division and the EU Projects Division. Its total value will amount to PLN 12,000,266.43. NCBiR received 72 applications in the competition, out of which 25 best candidates were selected for the financing.