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Asseco further develops AMMS at a Szczecin facility

Independent Public Special Health Care Facility ZDROJE in Szczecin decided in favour of a project extending the functionalities of the Asseco Medical Management Solutions (AMMS) modules. It consisted of extending the functionalities responsible for keeping records of the events at medical practices and clinics; providing a solution to patient registration via the Internet; and an advanced integration of the AMMS system with a queue management system which was purchased earlier. Simultaneously, the implementation of a project concerning AMMS laboratory test orders together with the delivery to the Blood Sample Collection Point is also taking place at the Facility.


Decision of the hospital Board to extend cooperation with Asseco proves that our solutions meet the highest standards. I think that success is owed to efficiency and the experience of our entire team - said Andrzej Motkowski, Sales Expert at Asseco Poland.

Zdroje is the largest institution of its kind in the region, operating via 5 major centers in Szczecin. Annually, there are over 33 thousand inpatients hospitalized at nearly one thousand hospital beds provided, and over 172 thousand medical appointments realized at 32 medical practices.