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Asseco Poland supports growth of Allegro Pay service on Allegro - the most popular e-commerce platform in Poland

Allegro doesn't need to be introduced to anyone in Poland - it's the leader in domestic e-commerce, which is now expanding its model internationally. With Allegro Pay on the platform, it is possible to make purchases with deferred payments of up to 30 days, as well as to spread them over convenient monthly repayments. The decision to allocate funds for purchases is made even in less than a minute, thanks in part to the support of Asseco Poland, the largest IT company in the region.

The Asseco system processes all contracts made through Allegro Pay. Implemented by Allegro in 2020, the buy-now-pay-later service has been steadily gaining popularity. The number of Allegro Pay customers has already surpassed 1 million, and in the third quarter of 2022 alone, loans of PLN 1.4 billion were granted through it, up 156 percent year-on-year.

Core System as a Service

An important component of Allegro Pay is the Asseco Core Banking Solution platform, bringing ready-made solutions proven successful in the banking area and taking into account Allegro's accounting schemes. Asseco, Allegro Pay's technology partner, has provided not only computing power and relevant software, but also a team of specialists to support operations 24/7. The service is provided according to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, developed for the needs of financial institutions, where payment is made in a subscription model.

"We are able to process 50 contracts per second. On average, this is 10 million documents per month. Among other things, the Asseco system prepares the repayment schedule, calculates and books interest, records loan disbursement, handles repayment settlement, calculates arrears, or processes booking postings. Importantly, the seller receives the entire amount right away and does not have to wait for subsequent installments paid by the buyer," explains Bartłomiej Bartosiewicz, Business Development Director at Asseco Poland. "In financial services, information security is very important. Asseco does not store any Allegro user data within its own data center infrastructure," he adds.

"Cooperation between two Polish technology companies operating internationally should be something natural," says Jakub Kachlicki, Director of Financial Services Technology at Allegro Group. "The choice of Asseco was determined by the readiness and functional maturity of the solution. It gives us the opportunity to shorten the time from idea to service launch with a reasonable level of involvement on our side in the development of the standard part of the financial product and related processes."

Further growth on the horizon

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) services are not only convenient for customers, but also allow merchants to attract new groups of consumers and e-commerce platforms to increase the number of transactions. According to the "Koszyk Roku 2022" report, almost 75 percent of the largest e-commerce sites offer deferred payments. Allegro experts have no doubt that the growth of BNPL payments is a clear trend in the e-commerce industry.