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Asseco is creating national cyber security center for Togo

Asseco Data Systems and the Government of Togo will establish "Cyber Defense Africa". It will be the first institution in Togo responsible for cyber security and first in Africa to combine two cyber security functions – National Security Operation Centre (SOC) and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). The cooperation will be carried out a joint venture. The new organization will start functioning at the beginning of 2020, and the investment cost will amount to approx. EUR 14 million.

The CERT will provide cybersecurity services to Togo’s public administration, citizens, companies and private organizations. The SOC will protect national critical infrastructure. A private-public partnership, such as CDA, is at the heart of Togo’s vision for cybersecurity. It is also in line with the first pillar of its National Development Plan which aims to set up a logistics hub and develop a first-class business center in Africa.

Establishing such a pioneering framework will enable Togo not only to deliver solid cyber security services to its citizens and organizations, but also to stimulate the economic growth of e-services and the digital market within the country.

CDA will provide cyber security services in Togo and its neighboring countries. This ambitious initiative is a response to a global rise in cyber threats. Asseco will be responsible for assisting CDA in its cybersecurity strategy, delivering all necessary tools and technologies, training new staff, providing appropriate knowledge and skills.

CDA should be operationally ready from January 2020 and the total investment in the project will amount to EUR 14 000 000 (14 million).

A secured and trusted cyber space is a prerequisite to make businesses secure, support local innovation and attract investors. The President of the Republic, his excellency Mr. Faure Gnassingbe, is committed to creating the ideal conditions to place Togo at the forefront of the digital revolution in Africa, said Cina Lawson, the Minister of Posts, Digital Economy and Technology Innovations.

Cyber Defense Africa will set the cyber security standards in Togo and beyond. Continuous education of Togolese and West African professionals will increase the competences and the maturity level of national and regional cyber security professionals. This is one of the most important goals of the new company, said Dariusz Brzeski, Member of the Supervisory Board of Asseco Poland, supervising development of Asseco Group in Africa.