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Asseco invests in knowledge

A modern laboratory created under the auspices of Asseco Poland for students of Rzeszów University of Technology has been launched. The opening ceremony was part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It was also the crowning achievement of the cooperation between Asseco and the Rzeszów-based university. By engaging in such initiatives, Asseco attracts young talents and participates in miscellaneous research and development projects. Collaboration between business and scientific institutions plays a key role in building a knowledge-based economy.

The newly established laboratory will serve as the venue for common undertakings of Asseco and Rzeszów University of Technology, including teaching activities, preparation of diploma theses, research work, presentations and conferences. It has been furnished with 12 computer stations, 8 additional workstations, own servers and equipment for presentations.

“I hope that our cooperation will not only contribute to the professional preparation of our students for taking up work in the IT industry, but also enable the implementation of innovative engineering education, which today should be focused on specific problems and based on carrying out projects and research. The laboratory operating under the auspices of Asseco will be able to educate high quality software developers and analysts. We also intend to apply for and implement joint projects financed from EU or national funds. I am convinced this cooperation will be beneficial for both the parties and it is also in line with the current development strategy of our region,” said Grzegorz Masłowski, PhD, Professor at Rzeszów University of Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

At this laboratory, the university provides the second edition of the “Enterprise-class information systems” program. The course, consisting of lectures and classes, is taught by a highly experienced IT specialist of Asseco. This way students are able to acquire unique knowledge and skills as well as get to know the company. The first edition of the program was completed by 17 persons, 3 of which are currently employed by Asseco. Only in 2014, Asseco took on 17 students of Rzeszów University of Technology for an internship or a training practice and subsequently entered into further cooperation with 6 of them.

“We operate in a sector where innovation and continuous development decide about to be or not to be. That is why we continue to look for young and talented people who are not afraid of facing challenges and want to get involved in technologically advanced projects,” said Zbigniew Krzysztoń, Human Resources Director at Asseco Poland. “Cooperation with universities allows us to establish contact with students and show them what we do. Many of them are given a chance to take up an internship or a training practice at our company and, since the last year, 102 persons decided to do so. Over 20 percent of them have been already employed by Asseco,” he added.

Asseco provides students with an opportunity to implement their diploma theses in a commercial environment. Such activities are aimed at identifying and activating the best students. The company is also engaged in research work together with research and teaching staff and doctoral students, which is consistent with its R&D strategy.