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Asseco - mainstay of the Polish budget

Asseco was among the top 10 companies from outside the financial sector which paid the highest taxes in 2015. The company received an award in the 'Budget Mainstays' category awarded by the 'Rzeczpospolita' daily to companies supporting the budget in an exceptional way. In addition, Asseco ranked 37th in the '500 List', which is composed of the largest companies in Poland. It meant that the company ranked within the new technologies industry. The Asseco Group employs nearly 21 thousand people and is the largest employer within the IT sector in Poland.

Adam Góra, CEO of Asseco Poland, said: We paid around 0.5 billion PLN in corporate tax in Poland over the last decade and I am proud that we are supporting our economy in this way, too. Each company that belongs to the Asseco Group pays taxes in the country where it operates and obtains revenue.