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Asseco for Poland

Asseco is not only the largest software producer in Poland, but above all a company which implements the principles of economic patriotism in its day-to-day operations and creates added value for our country.

We pay taxes in Poland and we support domestic companies. When conducting foreign expansion, we are the ambassador of our country. We participate in initiatives aimed at integrating the Poles living abroad. We educate and hire Polish programmers. We support Polish sport, and as part of our charity "We Help", Asseco's employees assist the most needy.


Success is not a result of luck. The prosperity and future of states is determined by a strong and stable economy, so patriotism must be expressed through the support of a local economy. This requires daily, concrete action and thinking in terms of common interest. Therefore, for me, "economic patriotism" is nothing more than "economic wisdom", said Adam Góral, President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.


For more information on how we understand economic wisdom and how we translate it into concrete actions, please see "Asseco For Poland" website at: