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Adam Góral with the Polish Business Council’s Award

The President of Asseco has won the Jan Kulczyk PBC Award in the "Success" category. The competition jury has distinguished the President of Asseco for the completion of a spectacular business project that has had a lasting impact on the Polish market.

I would like to thank the Award Chapter for recognizing these 30 years of hard work which enabled us to become the real ambassadors of Polish IT around the world. I would like to thank my team, we operate in more than 50 countries and every day each of these 27,000 people works to make our brand recognizable - said Adam Góral. I would like to thank my business partners, those who were with me in the past and those who are with me today. I would like to thank the Polish capital market, because without the Polish market one Pole from Rzeszów would not be able to fulfill such a beautiful vision - he added.

Today Asseco is not only the largest IT company in Poland and the region of Central and Eastern Europe, but also a global player, present in over 55 countries. It has been developing both organically and through acquisitions, which have been taking place already since 2004. Some companies from the Group are listed on the Warsaw and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges as well as NASDAQ.
Adam Góral has managed to create a stable company that has been generating value for its shareholders for years. In 2019 the Asseco Group's sales revenues exceeded PLN 10 billion, 89% of which were generated by international operations. In turn, operating profit for this period amounted to PLN 976 million.

The Polish Business Council’s Award has been granted since 2012. This prestigious award honours people who, thanks to their perseverance, courage and entrepreneurship, can significantly affect the economic and social reality surrounding them.