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Adam Góral named president for difficult times

The founder of Asseco has been included in the list of "Best Presidents of WIG30 companies for difficult times" prepared by the Parkiet daily. The purpose of the ranking is to identify managers who, in the face of the pandemic, have been able to react quickly and set the right direction for their companies in new market realities.

IT solutions have never been more important than now. Business is increasingly dependent on it, which has been well demonstrated by the need to switch to remote working. The demand for such solutions, for modification of IT systems, will continue. But now the most important thing for companies is to survive - it is natural that the projects concerning innovations, cutting-edge ideas have come to the background - said Adam Góral. The strength of Asseco is its strong position as a supplier of software for the largest companies and the public sector - he added.

The list is based on the evaluations of company CEOs made by 4,000 investors, the readers of the Parkiet daily.