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A technological solution of excellence in the management of overdue loans.

Did you know that Asseco can help financial institutions manage their overdue loans, so-called "non-performing loans"? When it comes to bank risk management, we know how to transform challenges into competitive advantages with our ARC (Credit Monitoring and Recovery) solution.

In a context where banks are facing rapid digital transformation, new business models, and tight regulation, our ARC solution is a technology that can help banks reduce costs with non-performing loan (NPL) recovery.

Our ARC solution is based on three fundamental foundations: follow-up, recovery, and monitoring. The first is related to the continuous accompaniment of the client's performance and behavior in its operations. The second assumes the definition of the best strategy for credit recovery based on decision trees defined according to the reality of each institution.

Finally, the third is related to the management of the ARC operational model by evaluating its performance in its function of serving the bank's financial and operational objectives, namely the productivity of the intervening areas and counters, the success rate per process manager, and the productivity per area of the bank, among many others.

At Asseco PST we provide solutions for credit monitoring and recovery with our Axis Risk Suite. This suite is committed to excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness in the identification, measurement, and mitigation of financial and non-financial risks, supporting banks in the transformation from a reactive approach to the risks of their activity to a proactive approach.

What we propose is an operationalization of risk management supported by a sophisticated technological solution that automates procedures, calculations, and validations.