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UN Commission for Africa will use experience of Asseco-trained experts

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa will create the "African Cyber Security Coordination and Research Center" in Togo. The country's capital already has a National Security Center launched by Asseco in cooperation with the local government. The UN Commission for Africa wants to take advantage of the experience of the Asseco-trained experts.


The African Cyber Security Coordination and Research Center, to be established in Lomé, the capital of Togo, will be a regional center for knowledge and information exchange. It will promote cyber security and monitor cyber crime. By partnering with Asseco, the Republic of Togo can provide a center of experts to support cyber security in the region.


The decision to create this institution comes after Asseco co-organized the first Cyber Security Summit in Lomé in March 2022. It was attended by heads of state and leaders of the private sector and civil society organizations. During the summit, member countries adopted the "Lomé Declaration on Cyber Security and the Fight against Cyber Crime."


We are proud that not only have we succeeded in implementing the Cyber Security Center in Togo, but the results of our work have been recognized and appreciated by the United Nations, said Jan Brodzki, Project Manager, Asseco Data Systems. We are pleased that thanks to the knowledge we provided, Togo has become a leader in cyber security in West Africa within 3 years. This implementation, carried out under a public-private partnership formula, brings tangible benefits to our partner, and also increases interest in Asseco's offerings from other countries on the African continent, he added.


Since 2019, Asseco has been working with the government of the Republic of Togo to build and implement a national cyber security strategy. In 2021, the company launched in the country the first organization in Africa which combines the function of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). It is the National Security Center that monitors the threat from cyber criminals around the clock, providing businesses and citizens with effective protection when using IT solutions.


During the implementation, Asseco trained dozens of local experts in the field of protection against cyber threats. It provided world-class tools and the necessary knowledge to enable the local agency to provide cyber security services according to the best international standards. The effective transfer of skills has ensured the country's cyber security and enabled Togo to become a leading cyber security center in the region.