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Asseco to support Botswana's digital transformation

Asseco has signed a memorandum of understanding with Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub for cooperation in the field of digitization and innovation. The project involves Asseco's support for building the country's digital potential and educating experts in the field. The agreement was concluded during the Botswana-Poland Economic Forum, held on July 3-6 in Gaborone.

Asseco is a leader in digitization in Poland and the largest IT company in the Central and Eastern European region. Based on our more than 30 years of experience, we have the right competence to support countries that are beginning to digitally develop, said Paweł Hansdorfer, Director of Foreign Markets, Asseco Data Systems. We know that behind every successful IT project are specialists who are properly educated and prepared for their tasks. That is why one of the areas of our cooperation with the Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub will be the development of the Smart Botswana program, he added.

Among other things, the aim of the project is to create a modern educational program for agriculture, management, innovation support and IT faculties by building educational hubs where technical skills will be enhanced. The project will be developed in cooperation with Asseco, the Polish Agricultural University and the Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub.

In addition, Asseco will support the creation of innovative solutions, developing the digitization of the country. One of the planned projects is the implementation of the "Farmer" portal. The tool is dedicated to the agricultural sector and is expected to make it easier for Botswana residents to do business in this area, as well as to encourage more citizens to take up agricultural work or start their own businesses.

The signing took place during the Botswana-Poland Economic Forum in the presence of Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jablonski and Minister of Trade and Industry Mmusi Kgafel. The event was part of an economic mission organized by the National Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Embassy in Pretoria and the Botswana Investment and Trade Center.

The project in Botswana is another cooperation agreement this year by Asseco in South Africa. In May, the company signed a similar document with representatives of the Zambian government, where it will support the digitization of postal services.