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Asseco Lithuania: 30 years of experience

In 2021 Asseco Lithuania celebrates  its 30th birthday, having more than 200 highly qualified creative employees and being a member of the Asseco Group, one of the largest software vendors in Europe.

For the past 15 years the company has been focused on software development and related IT services, so it devotes its full attention to the development of a professional team, implementation of reliable and innovative solutions and the fulfillment of client expectations. The company maintains a strong position even during the COVID pandemic - in 2020 we were one of the TOP 20 most tax-paying companies in Lithuania.

The company operates in various activity areas, including document and process management, electronic services, life and non-life insurance, public and private sector financial management, culture and its memory institutions, education, internal and foreign affairs, construction permits, transport safety, legislation, local government, energy, and implements other system integration projects.

We are proud of such complex solutions that have been used for many years or decades, such as the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System, the Lithuanian Museum Information System, Information System for construction permits and state supervision of construction, Legislative Information System for the Parliament of Lithuania, National Visa Information System, the Lithuanian Migration Information System, Integrated Information System of Penal Process, Road Transport Activity Information System, Information System of Education Registers and many others. We also appreciate such unique solutions as the Kaliningrad Transit Information System and Information System for the Sessions of the Parliament of Lithuania, which were created more than a decade ago and function successfully today with minor changes.

We have developed the Avilys (Beehive) document and process management system, which helps to manage documents and related processes of the public and private sector companies in Lithuania and abroad. Having been developing our product for almost 30 years, we are currently launching version 4 of our system, which is updated in terms of technology and functionality, as well as user-friendliness and interactivity, focusing on activity automation, electronic document management and a more attractive and efficient work.

"We are glad that the company has been successfully operating for 30 years, during which we became one of the main system integrators in Lithuania, implemented many unique national information systems and became a member of the global Asseco Group operating in 60 countries. The company has grown to 200 employees, having over 400 clients. On this occasion I would like to thank the employees, customers, partners for their cooperation and wish everyone success in growing and improving together, - Albertas Šermokas, the company's CEO, shares the achievements.

History of Asseco Lithuania

The history of the company began in 1991 June, when the Lithuanian-USA Joint IT company Sigma Americom was established, engaged in the business of software development and cash registers. In 1994, the Lithuanian IT company Sigmanta was established. In 1998, the two companies merged capacities and the Sintagma Group was established. In 1999, it was decided to refuse hardware business and activities were focused on software development and IT services. In 2000 Sintagma initiated opening the Computer museum with the stored unique Lithuanian computer exhibits (in 2007 the exhibits were donated to the Lithuanian Energy Museum). In 2007, the Polish company Asseco Poland acquired a controlling stake and we became a member of the Asseco Group. Asseco Lietuva (Asseco Lithuania) was established in 2011 as a result of the majority shareholder’s strategy to operate under the same name in all countries and to continue the activity of Sintagma. Willing to expand an activity in the insurance market in 2021 SAIKAS was merged with Asseco Lietuva.